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Choose From Two Exciting Apps INFIQ WorkBook JELLY COVE 

INFIQ Math Workbook App

Comprehensively Covers Grades 1-5

INFIQ Comprehensively covers Common Core Curriculum for grades 1-5. INFIQ breaks the topics into bite-size foundational concepts making it easy to learn and practice.

Prepares Students for The Next Grade

Students apply various learning strategies to solve a range of problems. They make significant progress towards fluency and command over a topic. Topic-level & Lesson-level quizzes prepare the students for the next grade by assessing their understanding of standards-based, grade-level concepts.

Provides targeted insights into learning gaps

The app provides a detailed analysis of student's progress against various foundational concepts covered by a topic. Helps students see the learning gaps in the context of a topic. The insights are readily actionable. Parents or teachers can provide targeted help.


Jelly Cove Math Puzzle App

Challenging Math Puzzles

The puzzles require only basic math skills to solve, can be solved by anyone above the age of 5. 36 levels of pure thrill & excitement. Puzzles get progressively more challenging. Each level also comes with multiple additional badges to challenge your brain.

left Brain Development

Jelly Cove puzzles are a great way to get daily Brain Exercise and form new neural connections. Getting good Brain Exercise at an early & formative age can tremendously help with left brain development, resulting in better focus, Memory, Logic, Reasoning, Problem-Solving and Learning.

Addictive and unputdownable

The more you use the app, the more addictive it becomes. It challenges your brain at every step of the way. You unlock exciting rewards and knowledge trivia facts at each level, which helps trigger curiosity and builds inquisitiveness in young minds.


Math, much like music or sports, requires practice. But we expect our kids to excel at math by just attending a class of 20+ students. And when they don’t do well, they are branded as ‘not-good-in-math!‘ As a parent, you want to help your child. But it can be daunting and not easy to know where to start.

Join scores of other parents, who trust our apps and are elated to see their kids improve their performance in math on a continuum.

INFIQ is a Math Workbook App with Infinite Questions for Grades 1-5

Foundational Concepts
INFIQ breaks the topics into bite-size foundational concepts. Students can take Infinite unique practice sessions till they ace the concept.
Actionable Insights
INFIQ provides clear, actionable insights with detailed analysis of student's micro-level strengths and weaknesses.
Targeted Help
Parents can provide targeted help, precisely when needed. They can also use INFIQ to set targeted goals and attach rewards to motivate.

INFIQ - Infinite Questions & Quizzes


Infinite Quizzes

With InfiQ, your child can virtually take Infinite Quizzes or practice Infinite Questions. Infinite times!

3 Levels of Quizzes

Lesson-level quizzes cover micro concepts, & topic-level quizzes. Or combine lessons for custom quizzes.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights and a clear analysis of your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement.

Monitor Progress

Shows daily, weekly, monthly and overall progress along with activity history. Monitor from any device.

Countless Word Problems

Countless word problems with various levels of difficulty that sharpen student's applied learning.


Each question in the quiz gets its own dedicated scratchpad. Parents can review all the scratch work too.

Create Goals & Rewards

Parents can create goals to keep their child on a focused track. Add ‘Rewards’ to the goals to motivate.

Rewind & Review

Parents can review completed quizzes or select questions anytime, from any device.

Each Student Learns Differently.
Set your child up for success.
Give them the right tools to succeed.


INFIQ does the heavy lifting for the parents and helps kids get over their fear of math

Conquering fear requires meeting fear head-on. Conquering math requires practice with challenging questions that cover an extensive range and multiple variations. Questions with varying degrees of complexity that go from super easy to advanced. With InfiQ, students can take virtually Infinite Quizzes, practice Infinite Questions and improve on the continuum, without the parents having to sweat.

Easy Access to Foundational Concepts From Any Grade

Students can start at any level. They have access to all 5 grades. When in doubt, they can go back to the basics to refresh or reinforce the building blocks of a concept. The focus is on solid learning of the foundation.

Practice & Take a Quiz

Students can practice before taking quizzes. The Practice feature is not scored, helps with 'discovered learning,' students learn by making mistakes, as the app provides instant feedback on the student response.

Learn on the Continuum - Basic to Advanced

Students can start with quizzes at micro-concept, lesson-level and progress to macro topic-level as they gain confidence.

Prepares for In-Class & Standardized Assessments

The app also has countless word problems. The problems are designed to boost students' confidence and prepare them for tests, quizzes and in-class assessments. Lays a solid foundation for the future standardized assessments.

Unbeatable Price. Unlimited Value.

It costs the same as a physical workbook but delivers unlimited value. Physical workbooks only have a finite amount of questions and cover only one grade. INFIQ has infinite questions and covers all the grades, grades 1-5, for the same price.

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