INFIQ Workbook
IS A Complete
Math Workbook

Infinite Questions
With InfiQ, your child can virtually take Infinite Quizzes or practice Infinite Questions. Infinite times!
Building Blocks
INFIQ breaks the topics into bite-size foundational concepts. Students can take Infinite unique practice sessions till they ace the concept.
Grades 1-5
Built for self-paced, discovered learning. Students can move as fast as they want to higher grades. Or take time & refresh concepts from the lower grades.
InfiQ comprehensively covers Common Core Curriculum and multiple state curriculums.
Unbeatable Price
At $1.99/month, it costs less than a cup of coffee. While, the price is simply unbeatable, the value INFIQ delivers is truly unlimited.
INFIQ Features

A Complete Math Workbook App

Comprehensively Covers Common Core

INFIQ app extensively covers common core curriculum and other state curriculums. The app breaks down the standards-based curriculum for each grade into foundational building blocks. The app assesses student's progress after every quiz so student moves up the learning curve, when fully ready.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The app holds the students' hands at every step of the way, from the start of the academic year to the end. The app encourages discovered learning. Each student makes progress on their own personalized path, at their own pace. Students move as fast or as slow as they want.

A workhorse workbook

Parents find INFIQ markedly useful, highly dependable and extremely in-depth. Parents & teachers trust INFIQ's assessments and recommendations. They use INFIQ's actionable insights to set near-term goals for the students. Parents from across the US and Canada are seeing their kids improve their performance in math and excel.

Study smarter, not harder

workbook with infinite questions

Finally, a workbook that does the work so the students can study smarter, not mad harder. The Practice Mode of the app provides a feedback loop, so the students learn from their own responses (the app does the hand-holding). Students earn a ‘knowledge badge’ by taking quizzes in Quiz Mode. INFIQ’s intelligent guidance assesses the students’ progress in real-time and lets them know what their next steps are. Download today to check it out.

INFIQ Workflow

Helps with mastery of new skills before assessment 


Practice mode reinforces the understanding of foundational concepts. With Practice mode, your child can practice the micro-concepts before taking the assessment in quiz mode. They get feedback as soon as they answer a question. It is like a tutor sitting right next to them & giving them feedback.

Helps close achievement gaps

Lesson quizzes

Mastery of foundational blocks

INFIQ breaks the topics into bite-size foundational concepts. Students can take infinite quick assessments till they ace the concept. They can take as little or as much time to master a skill.

Addresses Learning Style Variation

Each student learns differently. INFIQ recognizes that different students require variable additional time with new math skills to be fully confident of the mastery of the skill. These quizzes assess and provide feedback at foundational-level to help with individual learning progress.

Topic Quizzes

Grade-level grouping of concepts

INFIQ's Topic Quizzes assess student mastery at topic-level. A topic is a grade-level grouping of multiple micro concepts & foundational building blocks. INFIQ's topics conform to common core & multiple state curriculums.

Prepares Students for The Next Grade

Students apply various learning strategies to solve a range of problems. They make significant progress towards fluency and command over a topic. Topic Quizzes prepare the students for the next grade by assessing their understanding of standards-based, grade-level concepts under a topic.

Provides targeted insights into learning gaps

The app provides a detailed analysis of student's progress against various foundational concepts covered by a topic. Helps students see the learning gaps in the context of a topic. The insights are readily actionable. Parents or teachers can provide targeted help.

Create custom quizzes by combining multiple lessons from across various topics. An effective approach to advance student understanding and mastery.

Students sometimes blindly follow a pattern, without fully understanding the concept. Custom Quizzes put students out of their comfort zone and assess students’ real understanding of a concept. It is a very powerful technique to analyze their mastery of a concept.

Powerful & effective tool to deepen student understanding of related concepts

Custom quizzes

A more engaging experience for better learning outcomes

Game-Design Principles

INFIQ Badges
INFIQ Badges

INFIQ embeds advanced game-design principles to create an engaging learning experience. Students earn gems & badges to demonstrate their mastery. Student motivation is channeled into creating better learning outcomes. INFIQ integrates emotional and educational mechanics to activate and improve student’s problem-solving skills.

INFIQ Badges
Download today from the App Store to check it out yourself.

Motivate the students to achieve more. Incentivize  with individualized rewards.

Set Goals & Add Rewards

INFIQ Goals & Rewards

Research shows that the learning outcomes in young kids improve significantly, when learning goals are combined with individualized rewards that are appreciated & valued by the kids.  

INFIQ provides a scaffolding for the parents to weave their child’s learning objectives with rewards to appeal to their intrinsic & extrinsic motivation. A reward that a student can relate to incentivizes the student to achieve more. Additionally, the goals help keep the student on a focused track. 

INFIQ Goals & Rewards

guidance progress markers

The app shows progress against each task & holds student’s hands at every step to guide the student to their next step

Skill Competency Level

The current skill competency badge for each lesson/topic is displayed inline for each Lesson and the Topic card respectively.

Progress ON THE continuum

The progress bar displays the skill competency milestones for the lesson & the topic. Also shows the current progress.

INFIQ Progress Markers

Next Steps

Recommends incremental next steps to help the student make gradual progress from their current learning level to next adjacent level.

Helpful Metrics

Each Lesson and Topic card shows a snapshot of helpful metrics.

INFIQ Progress Report

The app continuously assesses student progress and provides real-time analysis. The progress dashboard provides actionable goals to bridge the learning gaps. The detailed individualized guidance helps the student make comprehensive progress across grade-level math skills.

The student achievement data is measured against common core and multiple state curriculum goals. The grade-level analysis coupled with topic-level analysis provides an opportunity to adjust the teaching techniques and provide targeted help, when & where the student needs the most help.

INFIQ Progress Report


Detailed Progress Analysis



Word problems with various levels of difficulty that sharpen applied learning. The word problems are designed to boost student’s confidence and prepare them for tests & quizzes in the class. The carefully crafted challenging word problems prepare the students for the standardized assessments.

Each grade comes with countless word problems that are designed to help the student transition their academic learning skills to real-world problem-solving skills. Students expand their knowledge by applying an extensive array of learning strategies and tactics.

INFIQ Word Problems

Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Overall Activity Monitor

Real-time monitoring

INFIQ Activity Report

The app provides a nice breakdown of daily, weekly, monthly and overall progress, & activity history. 

Allows the parents to monitor their child’s progress remotely from any device and get real-time updates for completed quizzes and badges & goals unlocked.

INFIQ Activity Report
Review Question-level student scratch work

Handy Scratch Pad

Each question in the quiz gets its own dedicated scratchpad. Not only can you review your child’s response to each question, but you can also review the scratchwork for each question separately. Helps parents provide targeted guidance. 

The student scratch work is saved alongside the question on the device on which the student completes the quiz. Parents can review the scratch work anytime.

INFIQ Scratch Pad

Review Student Work

Parents can review completed quizzes anytime, anywhere, from any device. Parents can unwind any quiz from the history and review the entire quiz or just review the questions that the student answered wrong. Helps parents provide targeted feedback. The app also provides guidance for the ‘Next Step.’ Download from the App Store to check the app out.

Homework Reminder

Set a daily routine for your child to take a few quizzes every day to keep their minds sharp and alert. Taking 2 quizzes a day or practicing for 20 minutes a day can significantly improve your child’s understanding of concepts.

Multiple Profiles

You can create up to 3 separate student profiles with a family membership. Costs less than a physical workbook, delivers significantly more value.

Offline Mode & Cloud Sync

The students can seamlessly transition between online and offline mode. Students can also switch between different devices as all completed quizzes, goals and badges are synced across devices. Users never lose their progress as it is fully backed up to the cloud.

All this for a price that can't be beat

Physical workbooks can be a lot of hard work, even for parents. As a parent, you have to do the heavy lifting of grading the worksheets, while keeping track of the various types of questions & topics that your child struggles with. And once you do all that, you realize that the workbook doesn’t have any more questions of the type that your child needs help with.

Let INFIQ do all the heavy lifting for you. So, you can focus on what matters most – guiding your child to the best of their potential.

At just $1.99/month, it is too sweet a deal to ignore. You should really check it out today.