Jelly Cove
Math Puzzles

Is it still called studying, if you are having fun?


Jack Candy, the friendly pirate of Jelly Cove, would like to add fish from far off islands to his collection in Jelly Cove. Your mission is to help him add fish to his collection. You unlock fish by solving puzzles and completing a level.

Are you ready for some exciting brain exercises with Jack Candy? All you have to do is solve exciting and fun math puzzles. The puzzles require only basic grade 1 math skills to solve, can be solved by anyone above the age of 5. 

Forms New Neural Connections 

healthy brain Development

The role that puzzles can play in a child’s early brain development is often overlooked and underestimated. However, there is plenty of Scientific Research that proves that puzzles can play a very critical role in a child’s early brain development.

Jelly Cove puzzles are a great way to get Daily Brain Exercise and form New Neural Connections. Getting good Brain Exercise at an early & formative age can tremendously help with left brain development, resulting in better focus, Memory, Logic, Reasoning, Problem-Solving and Learning.

Puzzles get progressively more challenging as you keep playing


The puzzles start real simple, so the kids get a very good understanding of the thinking & logic required to solve the puzzles. Each level gives a firm foundation, copious practice & solid understanding for the next level & the gradual curve helps the kids understand and ace the next level. 



While, each level is filled with excitement, fun & challenges, we also know that many kids will continually seek the next level of challenge. So we built 36 levels across 3 islands of exhilarating thrill. When you combine each level with the badges below, you will get enough challenge to keep you busy for the entire year & beyond.

It is said that getting all 180 badges is nearly impossible!


Inspired by Genius Math Brains

Each level of Jelly Cove comes with badges that are inspired by genius math brains. You can unlock any or all of Doppler, Euclid, Fibonacci, Archimedes, & Newton badges. And any number of times to get plenty of brain exercise.

timed badges

To unlock these badges, you need to beat the clock and solve the puzzles before you run out of time. While these badges have the pressure of time, they allow room for errors.

solve the puzzles in-a-row - NO PRESSURE OF TIME!

Well, not everyone likes the pressure of time, so the app also has badges that can be unlocked by solving the required number of puzzles in-a-row. You get one wrong and you need to start over again. No room for error!

For families that love game nights, Jelly Cove app offers wholesome fun for the whole family – everyone above the age of 5 can participate. Challenge each other or make teams and race to solve & win the badges.

When you combine learning with gaming, each night can be a game night. Parents are happy, kids won’t complain, now that is what is a sweet win-win!

Put a different spin on your family game nights



While the puzzles require real simple math to solve them, we understand that some kids may need to refresh their math facts so we built flash cards and nice catchy singalongs right into the app. Double the learning!

triggers your child’s curiosity and builds inquisitiveness

Interesting Knowledge facts

Completing a level unlocks a cute fish that gets added to Jack Candy’s collection in Jelly Cove. Kids can add up to 36 cute fish to Jelly Cove and interact with them. Additionally, completing a level also unlocks an interesting knowledge fact. These knowledge facts are from all around the world and are carefully curated to build inquisitiveness and make your child more curious to a variety of learning & reading.